François Vigneault, interview by Suzette Smith



Compared to the eloquent tone of illustrator/publisher/comics artist François Vigneault, I write like a stampeding rhino. I’m pretty sure I was asked to interview him because my name is French and I don’t intimidate easy. François told me he usually feels pummeled with questions about organizing/editing/publishing so I tried to steer conversation towards fighting and plush ladies instead. If you are my friend you will pretend that’s not what I always write about.

François, I’m making up some questions to ask you for your super personal deeeeeeep Gridlords interview. What if I just ask you for advice the whole time? Financial advice.

We can talk about anything. Usually when I am interviewed it is about my role in organizing/editing/publishing, so I’d be delighted to talk about art for a change? I am reading from my sci-fi comic Titan, so I’d be happy to talk about that. Themes that will be involved with that comic someday: Sexual chemistry, worker/management issues, genetic fate, music and culture, economics, getting caught up in the tide of history, science fiction stuff. You know.

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I am re-reading this old interview I did withFrançois Vigneault and it is bolstering my self esteem. I am petting past-Suzette’s baby bangs. Why did you give yourself baby bangs? No, but this was pretty good.

I’m still very honored to be interviewing— as of yet— largely unknown artists for Gridlords. Sometimes I feel so rushed to immerse myself in their work so I can ask good questions but then what remains as I’m editing it this reoccurring thought: “The beauty. Just look at it.”

Here’s the interview on the Gridlords site: